At OpenWest I gave a talk with the following title and description

Getting Started with PHP

A brief introduction to the business need and then diving into getting started and best practices before you get engrained down the long path.

For developers and also very useful especially businesses owners and recruiters.

Don't come if you already know Ruby / Rails, Python / Django, or NodeJS / Express.

Slides on Google Docs

The purpose of the talk was to suggest to people looking to start using PHP that they use something else, but if they want to use PHP anyway to suggest a few tools and best practices to avoid pitfalls.

Indeed, the talk was intended as a bait and switch (as alluded to in the description), to catch people who weren't yet much involved with PHP, and entice to use something else.

I also hoped to provide some useful information for those that would continue to use PHP anyway.

I can rag on JavaScript all day long and argue that someone should learn Python first (and I do), but I'm part of the JS community, which makes ragging on it okay.

I'm not part of the PHP community and so my juvenile pot shots were as stupid as a white guy making black jokes in a room full of black guys.

Also, I didn't adequately prepare to provide code samples for the linting tools and frameworks I mentioned.

But that all that aside, I truly regret that someone else who may have had the opportunity to present a truly awesome session didn't get that opportunity. That was straight up selfish and wrong and I honestly feel remorse for that.

My apologies to the PHP community at large and the attendees of OpenWest.

By AJ ONeal

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