Noteworthy projects

  • Web Install "curl | bash all the things"
  • Telebit "Access your devices. Share your stuff"
  • sclient "Unwrap TLS"
  • Greenlock.js "Automated HTTPS for nodejs via Let's Encrypt"
  • digd.js "DNS gone JavaScript"
  • A boatload of articles and videos on how to do stuff
  • Desi - Blog and Static Site Generator writtin 100% in JavaScript, 100% in the browser

Noteworthy articles


Speaking at Conferences

UtahJS September 2018

Utah Node.js

The Web Platform Podcast 2015

UtahJS 2015

OpenWest 2015

OpenWest 2014 (schedule)

UtahJS 2014

OpenWest 2013 (schedule)

Utah Open Source Conference 2012 (schedule)

UtahJS 2012

Utah Open Source 2010 (schedule)

Speaking at User Groups

Soooo many of these I need to go back and dig up....

My First Contribution to Open Source!