I'm coming out (but not that way).

In rebooting my blog I've decided to include not just technical information, but to also be more open about my religious, political, and philosophical views, and, of course, more life hacks.

Since many of my followers are implicitly part of a culture that represents very different views from my own, I ask for those with opposing views to be tolerant and to attempt to see what I have to offer through a lense of empathy and understanding sensitive to my culture and heart-felt beliefs.

I've always been a scientist.

Science answers "how". Religion and philosophy answer "why".

A true scientist (and Scotsman) can, at least-spiritual, be agnostic (an inquisitor), but never an atheist. No one can exhaustively prove that of all possibilities of the creation of the universe or of life on earth that there isn't an intelligent primitive component of the universe (something that compliments the matter, time, space, and the hypothesized "dark" primitives) or that a superiorly intelligent alien race with more advanced technology (or evolutionary senses and powers) haven't created life on earth - or even our whole known universe.

A true minister can, at least-practical, doubt current science (as someone aware that science is fluid), but never deny the power of natural laws which God has created (and by which he works). A religious scholar would know that the Bible is not necessarily complete or final. As Holy as it may be, it is nevertheless a selection of scripture which was canonized (or discarded as apocryphal) by the votes of men - not the hand of God - from a wide array of texts. It neither confirms nor denies answers to the pressing questions of "how" (i.e. Moses' explanation of the creation of Man could simply be a rather unsophisticated explanation of evolution according to Moses' vocabulary and understanding of what God showed him).

Science ought to be a tool, not a religion unto itself. And yet too often sects of science arise and pit themselves agaist sects of religions (which are also often pitting themselves against true science). However, they might be better served by working together and building off of each other's revelations, intuitions, impressions, and discoveries.

There is no "supernatural", only workings that either can or cannot be easily (or perhaps ever) understood with the limitations of our 3-dimensional and time-constricted existance, or the proud and seductive seperiority of our self-aware consciousness that is only slightly more advanced than a dolphin or ape, but surely not as grand as what is necessary to understand all of the workings of the universe and the primitives, aliens, or God that created it.

By AJ ONeal

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