You want to be able to apt-get intall stuff in cygwin?
Enter cyg-apt2.

First Install cygwin on WinBox with these packages:

Then install cyg-apt

# Installing cyg-apt
start > run > cmd > cd c:\cygwin\
cd / # yes, you need to be at root
wget -o /usr/local/bin
wget -o /usr/local/bin
vim /usr/local/bin/cyg-apt2
# replace mirror with (or some similar working mirror)
cyg-apt2 setup
cyg-apt2 update

# Installing the handy-dandy toolbox
cyg-apt2 install openssh rsync screen vim emacs nano

Appendix A
Older methods of installing cyg-apt, which no longer work include:
# The original
# wget -o /usr/local/bin/cyg-apt

# chmod a+xr /usr/local/bin/cyg-apt
# cyg-apt2 --mirror= update
# cyg-apt setup
# A newer method
# wget
# tar xf cyg-apt-1.0.7-1.tar.bz2
# cd cyg-apt-1.0.7-1
# ./

Appendix B

By AJ ONeal

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