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Official Resources

DaVinci Resolve Keynote Presentation with Grant Petty (CEO)

Davinci Resolve Beginner's Guide (16 & 17)

Reference Manual DaVinci Resolve.pdf

  • On Windows: C:\Program Files\Blackmagic Design\DaVinci Resolve\Documents.
  • On Mac: Shift ⇧ + Cmd ⌘ + G, /Applications/DaVinci Resolve/DaVinci

Cut / Edit

Sync Audio with Clip After Editing

  • Right Click on the Clip.
  • Select Clip Attributes.
  • Click Audio Tab
  • Swap Embedded audio for linked audio

Simple Shortcuts

  • Up - beginning of clip
  • Down - end of clip
  • Down, Down - next clip
  • Cmd + UP - select track above
  • Alt + Up - move selected tracks up
  • Shift + v - select track under cursor
  • Timeline menu > Selection Follows Playhead
  • Alt-Click+Drag to duplicate/expand clip (ex: for bg audio)

Shortcuts Overrides

  • Switch - from Decement Timecode to Zoom Out
  • Swich = (+) from Goto Timecode to Zoom In
  • Swap v and shift + v for nearest clip and nearest edit
  • Swap l (Play Forward) with -> (Step One Frame Forward / Next Frame)
  • Add h (nothing) to (Step One Frame Reverse / Move Backward / Previous Frame)
    • Add <- to Play Reverse (remove from Step on frame reverse)

Working towards vim-ish keybindings

Free shortcuts

  • shift + fn + up to Insert
  • esc to stop playback and return to last position

Transitions and such

  • Open Clip -> Show Keyframe Editor to move keyframes and transiotion points

Multicam Editing

  • MUST clear in and out markers (or have them exact) before using Place on Top
  • Alt+X for "Mark > Clear In and Out"
  • In keyboard, set PLACE ON TOP to fn + up arrow
  • In keyboard, set REPLACE to fn + down arrow

Pasting Well

  • Paste Attributes - Alt+V

  • Paste Insert (moves clips) Shift+Cmd+v

  • To paste at playhead, hit I at the playhead, then paste.

  • To paste at the right track, Alt+Click the auto track selector icon to "solo" that track

    • alt-click again to unsolo :)

My Screen Crop

  • 1440 Right
  • 56 Top
  • Zoom 0.960
  • Pos X 25
  • Pos Y 11

Settings Hacks

Fairlight: Reasonable Default Audio Settings

  • Limiter -3db
  • Compressor
    • Threshold - until the top blue bar is moving between 0 and -6db
    • Makeup - bump until Output is peaking red -10db to -6db
  • EQ
    • Figure out where your voice falls (probably 1k-2k)
    • Pull the EQ on the music down in that area
  • Boost Audio Segment
    • Alt+Click on Volume line to create (not as good)
    • better
      • Split Music
      • Select both ends
      • Add transition
      • Can easily roll fade on cut as needed

Color: Reasonable Color Settings

  • Bring Gain Master Wheel up so that scopes show whites up in 90% range
  • Bring Lift Master Wheel down so that the blacks are down in the 10% range
  • Boost saturation and Gamma just a touch to make it a little more poppy
  • Add very subtle S-Curve to curves
  • Ctrl-A + middle click (??) to Copy to all other clips

Minor Picture Improvement

  • Add subtle vingette to provide contrast and focus

Deliver: Finalize, Export, Encode, etc

Custom Exports:



Other Hardware

The Speed Editor

I'm surprised that none of the YouTubers (or BlackMagic themselves) have put together a quick reference PDF for this (at least not that I can find). Anyone else had luck?

The Missing Manual

Beginner's Guide

Full Manual

In Resolve, go Help -> Reference Manual. It will open the PDF stored locally on your PC.

From page 40, is about the Speed Editor.

On Windows that's C:\Program Files\Blackmagic Design\DaVinci Resolve\Documents.

On Mac that's Shift ⇧ + Cmd ⌘ + G to /Applications/DaVinci Resolve/DaVinci

The file name is DaVinci Resolve.pdf

Quick Tips

  • Single Press - The label on the top of the key
  • Double Tap - The label on front of the key
  • Triple Tap - possibly options for the double tap option
  • Single or Double Press and Hold - Use scroll wheel to go through options (such as marker color) quickly
  • SCRL - fast movement
  • JOB - small adjustment
  • SHTL - move at constant speed, wheel controls speed
  • Battery Level in Preferences > Control Panels > Speed Editor

Top-Notch Speed Editor Video Tutorials

Officiol Tutorial

Discussions to Follow


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