Here's a home theater screen that's safe for apartments and walls that you don't want to ruin:

It uses 3m Command Interlocking Strips stapled to the fabric, but attached to the wall as expected:

I tried using nails before, but it didn't work very well and I moved into a place where they were happy to have a home theater, but not keen on any nails in the wall. Now there are no wrinkles in the fabric and it looks perfect.

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Don't try to put up the whole screen all at once - get the top corners, then take it back down to do the rest while the strips "set".

  1. Staple the command strips to the top corners (with adhesive exposed)
  2. Attach the paired strips to the stapled strips
  3. Expose the adhesive
  4. Have two friends help put it up:
  • one should grab the other corner
  • have the other help you eye-ball a straight, centered location for the screen
  • Attach to the wall (pull taught) and press on the strips for 30 seconds
  1. Remove the screen from the wall
  2. Attach many more command strips (corners and middles)
  3. Have a friend help attach to the wall again (pull taught)
  4. Set the projector (be sure to use a 16:9 projection, not anamorphic) and apply the black felt tape.

If there are wrinkles, put more command strips in the areas that will help pull the screen taught (but not too tight) in those areas.

I found that 5 strips on the top, 4 on each side, and 7 on the bottom (extras near the corners) did it for me.

Don't pull the screen too tight or the strips will come off.

Don't leave the taught screen up right away, give the wall-facing strips time to set.


Mario Kart 8 never looked so good!

By AJ ONeal

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