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As with all things in life (and especially technical tasks), the most important part is that you believe in yourself.

Act with self-confidence knowing that:

  • Nothing you do will actually harm your computer.
  • No mistake you make is unrecoverable.
  • You are a child of God - that makes you a god (in embryo).
  • Gods are more powerful than even computers (believe it or leave it!)

Breathe. Guess. Do. Fail. Guess again. Succeed. (Repeat as needed).

Failure is an acceptable and desirable part of the learning process.

The Good Bad News:

  • You're not crazy: The dark powers that be are conspiring against you.
  • A lot of stuff is complicated on purpose with the intent to make you feel like a failure
  • (Seriously! Look at Sony, Microsoft, or any other "technology" business that really is just about money and not about technology - they want to capitalize on making things difficult and providing false solutions)
  • A lot more stuff is complicated because it wasn't designed to by someone who uses it

It's always an uphill battle when someone is already out to get you, so if you can fight the power and win even one out of four times, you ought to feel really great about yourself!

So don't give up just because it's hard. You can do it! You're smart. Just take guesses, believe in yourself, and give it time. You'll get there!

By AJ ONeal

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