Today I got in a flame war on twitter... only I didn't realize it was a flame war.

I've never been one to wear lollerskates or ride the roflcopter. When women send me texts that begin and end in 'hahaha'... nevermind...

Anyway, I don't mind using a little :-) an ;-P to imply tounge-in-cheek teasing or trolling and I thought that was a thing. Apparently not.

I would think it's pretty clear that I'm a guy who likes to joke around:

When @nodejs is your hammer... you don't even need nails!

Is (or at least should be) obviously a play off of:

When perl is your hammer, everything starts to look like a nail.

Now here's the order of the thread as I thought it happened, but after all the eventual consistency hashes out it looks more like this

Okay, That's a legitimate question.

[Obvious] hyperbole, right?

Not sure if he's getting me or not.

Explanation with context.

Cool, he gets that I'm just being my normal goofy self.

We're on the same page now, crises averted.

Wait, we're not? How are we... what the... huh?

Between the last 5 messages something must have come out-of-order... bringing it back together now.

Cool little-known fact.

Okay, Chuck understands what's going on. Cool beans.

Okay, Brad understands what's going on too. Awesome. We're all happy friends.

Words sound serious, but the emoticon is a tip off, he's cool.


Joking? Not joking? ALL CAPS of sarcasm? ALL CAPS of anger? No smiley. Hmm... not sure.

Playing it safe with obvious humor and upvoting our guests. Smiley for good measure.

Wait... WHAT!? Hold the phone. It's like... history is repeating itself

It's times like these I feel so misunderstood...

And thus, @HorseAJ86 is born!


I don't care how many decades the angular devs have been working on Angular, it didn't exist until 2 years ago.


By AJ ONeal

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