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I don't know whether or not BlueHost has an easy-to-access API, but the HTML is decently well structured enough that I could get my data after about 10 minutes of sprinkling of jQuery in the console:

var things = [];

$('.rec_body').each(function (i, table) {
  var headers = [];
  $(table).find('.brand-table.rec_table.gridtable tr').each(function (j, tr) {
    if (0 === j) {
      $(tr).find('th').each(function (k, th) {
        headers[k] = ($(th).text()||'').toLowerCase();
    var thing = {};

    $(tr).find('td').each(function (k, td) {
      thing[headers[k]] = ($(td).text()||'').toLowerCase();


console.log(JSON.stringify(things, null, '  '));

Here's what you do

You sign in to BlueHost and go to your domain management page

TODO: needs example link

Then open the Chrome JavaScript Console

(Menu Button) => More tools => JavaScript Console

Then paste the entirely of the script above and hit enter.

Viola, your DNS records as JSON!

By AJ ONeal

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