Recently I've had a few different people ask me about getting into camera gear for video or photography.

Here's my list of references for learning and what to buy.

Before you Buy

You'll do better with an iPhone X (or later) for point-and-shoot video.

Don't invest in a camera unless you've already bought ProMovie+ for your iPhone and you've maxed out what decent lens on a phone with great software can do.



For video you'll want a Canon with Dual Pixel AutoFocus. Or a Sony, if you swing that way.



  • Sigma 17-50mm $300
    • Note: one of the things I really love about Sigma is the true manual focus - it's much more precise than digital-manual focus.
  • Canon 55-250 f4.5-5.6

Note: the "nifty 50" is great for photography, but not as versatileas a zoom lens... but it may still be worth it for the f/1.8 for max bokeh. You'll have to weigh it out for yourself. If you're not heavily focus on still portraits, wait and get it later.



By AJ ONeal

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