Although Google makes mention of their Linux Repositories, it's not ridiculously easy to understand how to install them. The steps certainly aren't mentioned on the Download pages and you end up having to use the old black magic of sudo apt-get install -yf after they fail to install from Ubuntu Software Center.

So I compiled a list and a script to install

Adding Google to Ubuntu Software Center

Open Terminal and copy and paste these lines in (all at once) and then hit enter.

sudo apt-get install curl && \
wget -q -E -O - \
  | sudo bash

Now you can use Ubuntu Software Center or apt-get to install Google's software and receive updates.

sudo apt-get install -y google-chrome-stable
sudo apt-get install -y google-earth-stable
sudo apt-get install -y google-musicmanager-beta
sudo apt-get install -y google-talkplugin
sudo apt-get install -y mod-pagespeed-beta

Note: You can copy individual lines for just the stuff you want (Google Earth, Google Chrome, Google Music Manager, etc).

For the experts

If you're curious, you can see for the script.

Also, here's a list of all of the links to the various Google products, repositories, and download.

Google Chrome

There are 3 version of chrome you can install:

sudo apt-get install -y google-chrome-stable
sudo apt-get install -y google-chrome-beta
sudo apt-get install -y google-chrome-unstable

Google Music Manager (for Google Play)

Google Earth

Google Voice and Video Chat

mod-pagespeed (for Apache2 WebServer)

There are 2 versions of mod-pagespeed

sudo apt-get install -y mod-pagespeed-stable
sudo apt-get install -y mod-pagespeed-beta


Here are the files you should have in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/:

By AJ ONeal

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