I cannot find Certified HDMI couplers.

It seems that they must exist because AV pros install HDMI directly into walls with keystone outlets... but I can't find any claiming to be certified - coupler, keystone, pigtail, or otherwise.

(and I've had EVERY possible bad experience with HDMI, so I'm willing to pay to have cables I can count on)

After looking around a bit, it sounds like no one has the balls to label an HDMI coupler (or extension) as "Certified" because any incompatibility between cables on either side will degrade signal quality.

Here's the best I've found for HDMI 2.0b / HDCP 2.2:

It's overkill for what I need, but since HDMI is so fragile and any weak link with any device can cause completely unrelated parts of the setup to fail, I'd rather go whole-hog and get top-of-the-line stuff wherever I can.

Historically, Cable Matters has been one of my go-to brands (as they say in the name - the cable matters), but no one, and I mean NO ONE has the balls to put any claims on HDMI 2.1 / HDCP 2.3 compatibility for extension cables.

I'll have to keep my eye on Zeskit for the future as they do, but only up to 10ft straight.


Cable Matters does claim HDMI 2.1 / HDCP 2.3 with an extension

... but it's only 3.3 ft, so it doesn't really count. 🤷‍♂️

By AJ ONeal

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