This is more just a note for myself so I don't forget, but I found what looks like a good solution to reducing heat in my office - which is the only room in the house that gets light in from large windows, and from two sides.

Possible Solutions

  • New windows are not an option when renting (and hecka pricey)
  • Blackout curtains make it dark, but they actually capture the heat inside.
  • Window Heat Film can be a great solution... but only for small windows
  • Aluminum foil is the cheapest option, and looks the worst.
  • Perforated Reflective Barrier Foil isn't as cheap, but looks slightly better.

Best Value

This stuff:

Buying Options

"US Energy Products Radiant Barrier Reflective Foil Insulation 500sqft (4ft x 125ft Roll) Commercial Grade, No Tear, Double Sided, Perforated Aluminum (Attic Insulation, Windows, Garages, Greenhouses)"

"500 sqft Radiant Barrier Shielding Reflective Insulation Layer (4FT×125 FT) Perforated and Breathable Double-Sided Aluminum foil Woven Insulation Material, (4FT×125FT)"

You can only really find it 4' (4 feet) or (48" inches). Well, there are also 51' if you're willing to buy in bulk, and I did find a few small sheets of 60", but I can't find it again (I only need about 10 feet, so 6x10 would work for me).

Or, if you're planning ahead and can wait 60 days for shipping, you might find a few more options here:

Perforated Reflective Foil on Alibaba

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By AJ ONeal

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