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First off: I don't recommend downloading audio from YouTube because the quality is often absolutely wretched. I only use it as a last resort for stuff that isn't in the iTunes or Amazon store. It's such a better deal to pay $1 for a song than to get a crappy version.

That said, here's what you do:

Download the Video

  1. Get Firefox
  2. Install the Firefox Video DownloadHelper plugin
  3. Find the song you're looking for on YouTube
  4. Click the down-arrow on the Video DownloadHelper button (just left of the address bar).
  5. Select the highest-quality mp4 video file (or webm or 3gp if you can't get the mp4)

Export just the Audio (QuickTime)

  1. Open the video with QuickTime, if you can
  2. From the File menu select Export
  3. Choose Audio Only as the format

Convert (Transcode) to another format (VLC)

  1. Get the VLC Media Player
  2. Open the video with VLC
  3. From the File menu select Streaming/Exporting Wizard...
  4. Progress through the next, next stuff, selecting the desired format

By AJ ONeal

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