At the time of this writing you'll get unsigned package and unknown developer warnings if you try to install the Advanced Scene Switcher plugin on macOS.

If you get past those, you'll be asked for your admin password... what!?

I've open an issue on the OBS Advanced Scene Switcher repo about this (here: and I've also inspected the package to make sure nothing untoward is going on.

In fact, it doesn't need your password, or admin permissions, it's simply set up to install to a system location rather than the user location where it should be - probably because the author is focused on creating a great plugin 😀, not on being a macOS expert.

How to Install it The Right Way™

Go grab the official plugin from the Advanced Scene Switcher GitHub Releases and then:

  1. Download
  2. Extract it.
  3. Move into the same folder as SceneSwitcher.pkg
    (probably ~/Downloads/SceneSwitcher/MacOs)
  4. Double-click to install

Viola! that will install the plugin to the correct location at ~/Library/Application\ Support/obs-studio/plugins/advanced-scene-switcher/.

Technical Details

If you're interested in the nitty-gritty, I've documented that at "How to extract .pkg files (and their 'Payload')".

This is the contents of the script linked above:

set -e
set -u

echo "OBS Advanced Scene Switcher Installer"
my_dir="$(dirname "${0}")"
rm -rf "${my_dir}/install.log"

echo "Install location: ${my_dir}/" | tee -a "${my_dir}/install.log"
my_tmp="$(mktemp -d -t "advanced-scene-switcher.XXXXXXXXXX")"
rm -rf "${my_tmp}"

echo "Extracting to ${my_tmp}/" | tee -a "${my_dir}/install.log"
pkgutil --expand-full "${my_dir}/SceneSwitcher.pkg" "${my_tmp}"

echo "Copying to ~/Library/Application\ Support/obs-studio/plugins/advanced-scene-switcher/" |
    tee -a "${my_dir}/install.log"
rsync -avhP \
    "${my_tmp}"/Payload/Library/Application\ Support/obs-studio/plugins/advanced-scene-switcher/ \
    ~/Library/Application\ Support/obs-studio/plugins/advanced-scene-switcher/

echo 'Success' | tee -a "${my_dir}/install.log"
exit 0

By AJ ONeal

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