I have a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X (V2) and one of the things I do frequently - but not frequently enough to keep in working memory - is give a device a static IP address.

Typically I do this so that I can get remote access to my computer or phone (or my wife's computer or iPhone) via ssh or with Bound or AirDroid, etc.
(I tend to use a scheme of birth year as IP for the computers - or prefix with a 1 for phones (ex: 86, 186)

It's pretty easy, but... also easy to forget. So, just so I don't have to think next time:

  1. Login at
  2. Services
  3. DHCP Server
  4. Actions ➡️ Leases
  5. Copy the MAC address from the table
  6. Configure Static Map
  7. Give it a name and a birth-year-ip

That is all.

By AJ ONeal

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