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Here's a quick overview of topics covered in the video:

IP Address

  • Like phone numbers or house addresses
  • Every computer calls itself localhost which means
  • Private networks (meaning intranets, NATs) have non-unique addresses
    • 192.168.x.y
    • 10.x.y.z
    • 172.16.x.y to 172.31.x.y
  • When no router is available to assign an address, a computer will give itself an address in the 169.x.y.z range
  • Laptops, Phones, Printers, etc use can use mDNS and their name to find themselves by name such as ajs-iphone.local or macbook-pro.local

TCP with Netcat

  • When you use netcat, there's no magic, it's just stuff going across the wire
  • When you use your browser on a netcat server you can see that http isn't crazy magic either
  • Two computers can talk to eachother easily
  • They can also share files
  • All computers can create a connection with a server on the internet
  • Computers on the Internet create connections to a computer on an intranet (the address only works one-direction)

Netcat in Node

  • The net module handles TCP
  • console.log puts an extra newline when it logs things
  • The server can handle many clients simultaneously
  • The client only speaks to one server
  • process.stdin handles input from the terminal

By AJ ONeal

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