If you're a real JavaScript developer, you've been using jshint with syntastic and or sublimelinter and it's been working wonderfully for you.

But apparently the node core devs prefer jscs, which requires a slight config change to your .vimrc.

I want to contribute to a project created by a node core guy, he wants me to use jscs.

Good Mythical Morning! Let's talk about that.

vim + jscs

First, follow the syntastic installation instructions to install both pathogen and syntastic.

Then install jscs from npm.

npm install -g jscs

Your .vimrc should contain these three lines:


# this line goes first because pathogen needs bash (not csh, zsh, fish, etc)
set shell=bash
call pathogen#infect()
syntax on

Finally, you have to choose how you want to use jscs:

If you don't care to use jshint


let g:syntastic_javascript_checkers=['jscs']

If you still want to use both

Let's say you have a ~/.jshintrc, but in specific projects you have a ./.jscsrc, you'd want something like this after your call pathogen#infect():

function! JavascriptLinter(curpath)
  let parent=1
  let local_path=a:curpath
  let local_jscs=local_path . '.jscsrc'

  while parent <= 255
    let parent = parent + 1
    if filereadable(local_jscs)
      return ['jscs']
    let local_path = local_path . "../"
    let local_jscs = local_path . '.jscsrc'

  unlet parent local_jscs

  return ['jshint']
let g:syntastic_javascript_checkers=JavascriptLinter(getcwd() . "/")


I hear you can also do it this way:

autocmd FileType javascript let b:syntastic_checkers = findfile('.jscsrc', '.;') != '' ? ['jscs'] : ['jshint']

See https://github.com/scrooloose/syntastic/issues/974#issuecomment-73837549

By AJ ONeal

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