There's a bunch of LN2 Spray Guns on ebay but... something kinda dangerous like this I don't trust to manufacturers that don't have brand names - kinda like how I wouldn't buy a firearm from an anonymous seller!

The Secret

A dermatologist is going to charge ~$300 for a cryo-surgery visit.

The equipment they use costs about $300 +/- $50.

See where this is going?


Basically what I'm looking for is something that:

  • has a pressure release valve (no explode)
  • is a reliable brand name
    • is US-based / US-distributed
    • available direct outside of ebay / Amazon
  • can hold LN2 for several hours (300ml, 350ml, 500ml)
  • has spray nozzles
  • has a release trigger
  • affordable-ish (~$250)


Probably better to:

  • buy a smaller cryogun (300ml or 350ml rather than 500ml)
  • buy a 3L to 10L dewar ($130 - $200) for extra capacity (rather than paying almost as much as a dewar for an insignificantly larger sprayer)



  • ebay non-brand ($160): search "cryotherapy dewar" or "cryo spray gun"

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By AJ ONeal

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