Let's say you happen to be at a public library on a Windows XP computer - say, at this very moment, for example - and you're going nuts because you can't type in Dvorak and, of course, you can't change the system settings.

  1. Download this little beauty http://sourceforge.net/projects/pkl/files/
  2. Unzip it and add a 'dvorak' folder under the 'layouts' folder
  3. Put these two files in there:

I want to figure out how to change CapsLock to delete, but I have what I came here to do to get doing, so I'll just make note that it's something like this:

CapsLock = OEM_1  0 ={backspace}  *{CapsLock} ={backspace}  ={backspace}  ={backspace}  ; Caps Lock

I'll update whether that's right or wrong if there's ever a next time.

By AJ ONeal

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