The Short

It's terrible. Just look at the product reviews on Amazon.

Instead consider the Fujitsu SnapScan 1500

The Long

A few weeks ago I bought a 'NeatDesk for Mac' multi-document, double-sided, auto-feed scanner. I bought it so that I could clean up the mess of cluttered papers I've collected over the years.

I got it for just $300 on eBay. I only bid because I didn't think that I would win - but I thought that $300 would be a great deal if I won... and I did. Surprise!

All of the scanners I've seen have a price point of about $400, so I thought that the promise of the NeatDesk - as seen on TV (TM) - might be worth it.


I was mostly unimpressed. This is my first experience with an auto-feed document scanner. This may be one of the very best, for all I know.


  • Not intuitive. The software is Cocoa... but it's not Mac-Simple.
  • Freezes.... all the time. I've tried to
  • auto-crop crops too close
  • Not much documentation
  • Runs scan and OCR in the same process... and CRASHES!
  • FLOODS contacts with empty contacts or useless contacts (single words as a name - no email, no phone number)
  • Can't do multi-document OCR after initial scan


  • Feeds in almost all documents croocked
  • Only accepts 25 pages at a time
  • Locks-up, light blinks, and has to be power cycled - usually on 20+ page scans


Even with the cons, I still would have bought it - or at least something like it.

  • Auto-feed. Click the button, it scans.
  • Sometimes Detects and removes blank pages

Preferred Solution

  • OCR with DB and API
  • More reliable hardware / software combo - just the driver
  • Up to 75 pages at once

By AJ ONeal

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