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How to Play Blu-Ray

First off, Macs don't come with Blu-Ray players.

If you don't have one already, I highly recommend purchasing the MATSHITA BD-CMB UJ160.

It's a very slim external Blu-Ray Player (with DVD-RW, of course) and it can be powered by USB alone or with an adapter. (I've never used the adapter though)

on Mac OS X

  1. Install MakeMKV
  2. Install daspi_1.3.pkg (included in the MakeMKV dmg)
  3. Install VLC
  4. Install Blu-Play

on Ubuntu Linux

If you use the Blu-Play installer it will install VLC and MakeMKV automatically.

Additionally (and optionally), you can also install the latest version of VLC and a copy of some popular Blu-Ray decryption keys using this command. (running commands is explained in the next section)

wget -E -q -O - | sudo bash

If you use this method, you may be able to play Blu-Rays simply by opening VLC as described in How to play DVDs on Ubuntu

How to install Blu-Play

Open Terminal

  1. Open Spotlight (or Dash)
* On OSX: Click the Magnifying Glass (aka spotlight) in the upper-right corner
* On OSX: Or hit ⌘ + Space
* On Ubuntu: Click the upper left-most button on *Launcher*
  1. Type in "Terminal" and hit enter (and wait a moment for it to open)

  2. Copy and paste this command (in doing so you are legally bound to MakeMKV's License Agreement):

    curl -L -s | sudo bash

  3. Hit enter

  4. Type in your password (you won't see any * or anything)

  5. Hit enter (and wait a few seconds)

Play a Blu-Ray with Blu-Play

  1. Stick a Blu-Ray in your Blu-Ray Drive

  2. Open Terminal (or iTerm2, whatever)

  3. Execute the Blu-Player:

  4. Wait a minute or two (it takes a while to break the encryption and find the start chapter).

  5. Enjoy.


I could add a Unity Launcher icon for Linux:

By AJ ONeal

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