All the Pomodoro Timers

Here's a kit I put together as I was looking through and trying to figure out which timer was right for me, in different situations.

See for the big list.

Type A: Tick-Tock with Buzzer

The classic twist-all-the-way and twist-back timer. Nice, constant, motivating tick-tock sound.

Just don't forget to twist all the way to wind, and then twist back.

Also: Be sure to get one with the numbers on the top - so that you can see the countdown as it turns.

Type B: Visual, No Tick-Tock

Nice pie-chart style visual indicator that disappears with the sands of time.

No tick tock, but requires a battery.

Has a flashing option if you're lucky.

Type C: Digital

These are absolutely silent, and may have a flashing or buzzing option, and bright or dimming options.

Bonus: Overkill

The Gym Interval Timer.

By AJ ONeal

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