Normally I post here on how to fix things, but this post is just how to do something.

There are at least three simple ways to make a wave public.
  1. Public contact
    • In the Contacts Pane click the + next to Manage Contacts
    • type in
    • ignore that it is not a contact
    • ignore the greyed out submit button
    • hit enter
    • Rejoice the Public is now a contact
    • select a wave
    • add Public to the wave

  2. EasyPublic Bot
    • select a wave
    • add
    • Rejoice that easypublic added public
    • remove easypublic

  3. add Public from a public Wave
    • search 'with:public'
    • select a wave
    • click the globe icon
    • select add to contacts

If you have Google WAVE you should see a wave here, otherwise you should see the video for it.

By AJ ONeal

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