These are companies that either market themselves as "for freedom" or that come recommended as I've been asking around.

Cloud / Hosting

Not sure I'd trust this one, but listing it all the same:

Payment Processing

Side note: NMI vs

It looks like everyone is either using NMI or under the hood. I don't think there are any other players in the space except for the big names even consumers know - like PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Square, and Stripe. All all the niche processors one of those two platforms in white-label fashion.

If they sell high-risk items, such as firearms, they probably use NMI.

Apparently NMI is the sort of thing that services like Stripe are built on. The iframe pop-up product is called "collect.js". Search for a few direct quotes from the docs and a lot of identical developer API portals come up:

Warning Signs

Every service is going to have some "at our sole discretion" clause. This can't be helped.

However, anything in the Terms of Use (ToS) or Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) including "offensive" or "hate" is a red flag.

Other words like "harmful" and "abuse" have the traditional legal meaning of financial hardship - such using excessive bandwidth or CPU on purpose or otherwise causing service disruption for other customers.

By AJ ONeal

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