It's no secret that I can be seen around town with a Rubber Band Wallet.

I used to have one of the really nice leather ones, but when I joined I gave it up in favor of a rubber band and I couldn't be happier...


(because sometimes it breaks... or melts)

There's no replacement, literally

As in, I asked them if I could buy a replacement, and they said no.'s Wallet is unique and there's no substitute on the market today.'s Cardboard Wallet Dimensions

The cardboard wallet, as best as I can tell, measures is 3½" x 2 1/4" with a ½" x 3/64" inset on either side.

The material is technically chipboard, which is a specific subset of "paperboard" (also known as "pulp board"), not cardboard.

It appears to be a 50pt (0.05") thickness, which makes it sturdy enough to hold its shape quite well, but flexible enough to bend rather than break (or hurt your butt).

Rubber Band Wallet Sizes's Rubber Band, if I've measured correctly it's a "size 84" rubber band - meaning about 3½" x ½" (90mm x 13mm in metric) with a "wall" thickness of 1/32".

It's different from your typical Broccoli Rubber Band (#81 - 2" x ½") in that it runs across the wallet horizontally rather than vertically. It also appears to be less of produce "cyan" color and more of a solid blue.

I like it's thickness, but I think it would be interesting to try a ¾" width (#94) as well. It could be too much, but I'd like to see it.

All Rubber Band Sizes

If you want to see every possible size of rubber band, has a nice chart (pdf):

If you're only interested in the sizes of rubber bands you can realistically buy in reasonable quantities (1lb or 5lb), check out Uline's Rubber Band Listing.

Also, here's a chart with the sizes in metric from

By AJ ONeal

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