A lot of people don't know this, but local web development gets a lot easier when you have a few dummy domains to work with., localhost, and file:// urls all have limitations that you'll run into sooner or later.

For that reason (and for you testing pleasure), I maintain a number of local. domains (one for pretty much every domain I own) and I also have a few dummy facebook apps so that I can test other people's examples (and create zero-config examples).

It's also beneficial to be able to test cross-domain, cross-security, and cross-app interactions. For that I provide 2 examples using HTTPS (one with real certificates) and 1 with HTTP.

Zero-Config Examples

For SSL see https://github.com/coolaj86/nodejs-ssl-example.

For OAuth2 with Facebook see https://github.com/LDSorg/passport-lds-connect-example.

If you're creating your own example, feel free to test with these real, live, working dummy keys:

Non-local Demos

You can edit /etc/hosts on your local computer as well as on your server so that you can test with my dummy keys even when you're don't want to run on localhost.

For example:

# Host Database
# localhost is used to configure the loopback interface
# when the system is booting.  Do not change this entry.
##         localhost   broadcasthost
::1               localhost     local.foobar3000.com     local.helloworld3000.com     local.ldsconnect.org

TODO: I've got a sneaky dns service on my todo list that might make this process even simpler (personalized dyndns). Remind me if I haven't posted back about it in a few months. One of my current projects requires it, so it's gonna get done.

OAuth2 (Facebook Connect)

OAuth2 ParamValue
Authorization URLhttps://www.facebook.com/dialog/oauth
Token URLhttps://graph.facebook.com/oauth/access_token
Profile URLhttps://graph.facebook.com/me

Dummy API Keys

Because sometimes you just want crap to work without any work on your part.

https on 4443 - local.helloworld3000.com

OAuth2 ParamValue
App ID348857075306303
App Secret77f867db98699c27940c97aeee936bb6
Callback URLhttps://local.helloworld3000.com:4443

http on 4080 - local.foobar3000.com

OAuth2 ParamValue
App ID746913342088510
App Secretad539732cbfbd60169f32336e257b37c
Callback URLhttp://local.foobar3000.com:4080

https on 8043 - local.ldsconnect.org

OAuth2 ParamValue
App ID1592518370979179
App Secretdd067af5becc203524507dba86eb3020
Callback URLhttps://local.ldsconnect.org:8043

Actual SSL certificates for local.ldsconnect.org:

For some webservers you are required to concatonate all of the *.crt.pem files into a single bundle.crt.pem, others require them separate.

By AJ ONeal

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