I really like these particular "Shin Noodle Soup" ramen deals that come in round packets:

You can buy them at any Asian store by the case:

The problem is that they don't fit in a regular bowl - because they're about 5" across, whereas a normal bowl is maybe 5" at the top, and closer to 3" at the bottom.

You get this problem:

You also want something fairly thick - to keep the heat.

I've searched far and wide, but a traditional bowl won't do!

You need something deep, and cylindrical. I found this:

I kid you not. I'm using a dog bowl from Walmart (Vibrant Life 2122J shown, but I'm actually using 2125J).

It's ceramic, microwave safe, and the perfect size for 5" round Ramen packets.


Other possible solutions:

  • Dog Bowl (Ceramic, Microwave Safe)
  • Glass Tupperware
  • Candle Bowl
  • and Target used to have wide, deep "By Design™" bowls... but they don't anymore.

Found something better? Let me know!

By AJ ONeal

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