I've been checking thrift stores, Walmart, Amazon, "everywhere" looking for a classic, thin, crispy waffle maker.

My problem has been in my search terms. I kept calling it an "American" Waffle Iron (because if the new kind is Belgian, the old kind must be American, amiright!?).

Turns out, that's just not what the industry calls it. Must be all the anti-American-semitism of the day or something.

Here's what they're calling it:

  • "Classic" or "Traditional" Waffle Iron
  • "Thin & Crispy" waffle maker
  • "Homestyle" waffles
  • and even "Non-Belgian" waffle iron

... but NOT "American waffle iron".


Anyway, if you're in my predicament, they're impossible to find at retail stores, and difficult to search for on Amazon, but... here you go:

Heck, even searching "eggo-style waffle maker" has half-decent results. Weird.

By AJ ONeal

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