On your Host Ubuntu system:

sudo apt-get install rootstock
sudo rootstock --help

sudo rootstock \
  --dist "lucid" \
  --serial ttyS2 \
  --fqdn "gumstix" \
  --login "my_user" \
  --password "my_secret" \
  --fullname "My_Firstname My_Lastname" \
  --seed openssh-server,vim \
  --timezone "America/Denver" \
  --locale en_US.UTF-8 \
  --imagesize 2G \
  --components  main,universe,restricted,multiverse \
  --kblayout us

The output will end with something like this (ignore the segfault):

I: Virtual Machine done
I: Creating tarball from rootfs
I: Mounting temporary Image
/usr/bin/rootstock: line 195:  2019 Segmentation fault      qemu-system-arm $QEMUOPTS -append "${APPEND}" > $QEMUFIFO 2>&1
I: ARM rootfs created as /mnt/local/home/coolaj86/armel-rootfs-201102081341.tgz
I: Cleaning up...
I: A logfile was saved as /mnt/local/home/coolaj86/rootstock-201102081341.log
I: done ...

By AJ ONeal

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