A getting started guide to npm for first time publishers.

Recommended Reading: http://github.com/isaacs/npm/blob/master/doc/developers.md

Pre-req: Install Node.js and npm

via Ivy (pre-built binaries)

BASHRC=.bashrc # .bash_profile for OSX
cd ~/
curl -# http://github.com/creationix/ivy/raw/master/utils/setup.sh | sh
cp ~/${BASHRC} ~/${BASHRC}.ivysave
echo 'PATH=~/ivy/bin:${PATH}' >> ~/${BASHRC} # note the single quotes

via the-good-old-fashioned-way (takes 3 minutes or so to compile on an old 2-core machine)

cd ~/
wget http://nodejs.org/dist/node-v0.2.0.tar.gz # or whatever the latest and greatest is
tar xf node-v*
cd node-v*
sudo make install

Publish with npm

install npm

cd ~/
curl http://npmjs.org/install.sh | sh

Add yourself to npm as a user

PASSPHRASE="a long but easy-to-remember passphrase"
npm adduser ${USERNAME} "${PASSPHRASE}" ${EMAIL} # note the double quotes

Understanding your package layout

A lot of this is arbitrary, but I'm assuming a basic convention.


${PACKAGEDIR}/lib # where your library goes
${PACKAGEDIR}/lib/${PROJECTNAME}.js # the main library goes
${PACKAGEDIR}/vendor # where packages you depend on (git-submodules) go 
${PACKAGEDIR}/package.json # tells `npm` about your app *NOT arbitrary*

Understanding package.json

Recommended reading: http://github.com/isaacs/npm/blob/master/doc/json.md

Don't put "js" or "node" in the name.


  "name"          : "futures",
  "description"   : "Asynchronous programming aid for JavaScript. Works well with Node.js, Rhino, Underscore, jQuery, & PURE.",
  "url"           : "http://github.com/coolaj86/futures/",
  "keywords"      : ["util", "asynchronous", "futures", "promises", "subscriptions", "chaining", "server", "client", "browser"],
  "author"        : "AJ ONeal <coolaj86@gmail.com>",
  "contributors"  : [],
  "dependencies"  : [],
  "lib"           : "lib",
  "main"          : "./lib/futures",
  "version"       : "0.9.1"


First test

npm install ${PACKAGEDIR}/ # note the trailing slash
mkdir ${PACKAGEDIR}/test -p
echo "require('${PROJECTNAME}');" > ${PACKAGEDIR}/test/npm-test.js
node ${PACKAGEDIR}/test/npm-test.js

Then publish


npm publish ${PACKAGEDIR}/
npm tag ${PROJECTNAME}@${VERSION} stable # this version will auto-install rather than another version


npm unpublish ${PROJECTNAME}@${VERSION}
# you may want to retag an older version as stable
# npm tag ${PROJECTNAME}@${OLD_VER} stable

By AJ ONeal

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