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IMPORTANT: Read Carefully

You've gotta do these things in this order:
(and you must have your sync code ready)

  1. Go to brave://settings
  2. Reset the settings
  3. Refresh and reset again (it'll ask 3 times)
  4. Close
  5. Repeat 1-3
  6. Go to brave://sync-internals
  7. Click "Stop Sync" and "Disable Sync" a few times each
  8. Repeat 1-4 and 6-7
  9. Go to brave://sync
  10. Enter your sync code
  12. Refresh and paste the code again
  13. DO NOT reset settings (instead click "Cancel" or "Ok")
  14. Close and re-open the browser
  15. Possibly repeat 12

Even with all that... some settings may not sync correctly - you may need to reinstall your theme, reset your search engine, and enter a password in again to give the password sync a jump start.

By AJ ONeal

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