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Spotify is by far the best existing music service and it works great on Ubuntu. However, it doesn't show up in Ubuntu Software Center, so it has to be install manually.

When googling for how to install Spotify on Ubuntu you can come across some pretty crazy stuff (including using wine), but it's actually really simple.

This should work on all Ubuntu versions including 12.10, 12.04, 11.10, 11.04, 10.10, & 10.04.

Check out the article So I installed Ubuntu... Now what? for a one-shot command that will install Spotify as well as several other common (and important) tasks for a freshly installed Ubuntu.

Install using the Terminal

Technically this can be installed from the Ubuntu Software Center, but the explanation on how to do it is much longer than I care to write. So here we go.

  1. Open Dash (the top-left launcher on the menu)

  2. Type Terminal in the searchbar

  3. Hit the <enter> key (or click on Terminal) to open it

  4. Copy the following command (all three lines together)

     sudo apt-get install -y curl \
       && curl -L \
       | sudo bash && exit
  5. Paste it into the Terminal

  6. Hit the <enter> key

  7. Type in your password (you won't see anything being typed) and hit <enter>

  8. Wait for it to finish (the Terminal will close unless there was an error)

  9. Now you can open Spotify from Dash (the same way Terminal was opened)

If you have any trouble, just leave a comment on this article (down below).

For the experts

It adds Spotify's repositories to the Ubuntu Software Center and then installs spotify-client, which will pick either a qt or gtk version, based on what desktop you're running.

Here's the contents of the actual script you're fetching, just so you know:

And the secret hidden link to the instructions on their website:

By AJ ONeal

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