The Double Data-Interface-Presenter Pattern

In this pattern, the Presenter of the first application becomes the Data of the second application, kind of like a Dual-MVC, but using presenter logic rather than a dumb template / view.

As an example, you might have a non-degradable web-service (people who don't use javascript are nuts) in which your application client uses your web-service's API.

I'm building a toolkit to make a variety of web applications with incredible user interfaces at incredible speed... so far it's been a long slow process of finding the right tools for my toolkit, but things are shaping up.

Apache (good enough for now)
* mod_upload
* x-sendfile
Passenger Fusion
Ruby on Rails (My favorite web service framework)
JSON (a subset of YAML / YML)
jQuery (My favorite javascript framework)
PURE.js (the best Javascript Templating system I've seen)
jQuery.jStore or persist.js (a Javascript ORM of sorts for HTML5 LocalStorage)

and a sprinkling of Google's magic here and there.

and a heavy dose of figuring out how to perform local caches

and a spattering of forwards-compatible HTML5 semantic classes

By AJ ONeal

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